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"I’d recommend Jessica to other women challenged with fertility issues in a heartbeat!  Infertility can be isolating and dark, but talking to Jessica immediately gave me a sense of comfort and confidence that we'll get through this journey.  She's given me incredibly practical advice to help plan through the process and address all my questions.  She’s also provided the emotional support to know that I can do this.  She’s checked up on me on an ongoing basis, and always made me feel like I have someone on my side."

- Kelly B.





"Jess has been my voice of reason during some of the hardest months of my IVF journey. It was such a lonely process. But with her guidance, encouragement, and ongoing availability -- even just being able to text her when I needed someone to talk to was huge -- she's made the past few months much more bearable. The fact that Jess has been through exactly what I've been through speaks volumes. I can honestly say that she's been super sad with me when the results we received weren't in our favor. She was also beyond excited when my doctor called telling us how many eggs had matured. That's who Jess is. She's invested and cares so much."

 - Fabe C.