i'll be your  advocate.


i'll have
your back.





Initial consultation

We begin with a complimentary session to give you a sense of what working together will be like. 


We’ll meet for two hours. Prior to this, I’ll send out a detailed questionnaire for you to complete, so I can come armed with a background of your medical, emotional and physical health history. 

During this meeting, I’ll get to know you and gain an understanding of your mental landscape. We’ll come up with a plan together and you will leave with next steps.

IVFing package

I'll provide you with an individualized plan for your IVF journey. It could include the following: 

  • Questions to ask your doctor 
  • Glossary of IVF medical jargon
  • Comprehensive spreadsheet to track doctor visits, ultrasounds and lab results
  • Session in-person or via phone before your egg retrieval
  • Subsequent session during two week wait 
  • Check-in after pregnancy results 
  • Final check-in after first ultrasound 

Pricing information available upon request. Price will vary depending on services provided. I work to customize service plans for each client. Don't be shy about reaching out.